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Agile Management Transormational Solutions


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Agile Innovation, Planning, Coaching, Training

Our Team

Pat Reed and Walt Wyckoff have helped organizations in the Entertainment, Retail, Telecom, Search Engine, Airline, Paper Products, Technology, Education and Government sectors with agile transformations. We offer Agile planning, coaching and education services that acomplish management transformation to Agile

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Our seminars are all one day seminars from 9:00AM to 4:00PM with one hour for lunch. Each seminar costs $750 per person. We will make every effort to satisfy our seminar participants and will tailor each seminar to meet participant needs.

We will provide 100% refund within thirty days after the end of the seminar if you are not completely satisfied.

What’s New?

Business Agility 2017 Business Agility Accelerator Lab (22nd February)

Pat Reed and Elina Razdobarina - New York Mariott Marquis, Feb 23 and 24

Business Agility and Value Innovation Podcast

In this podcast, Pat Reed of iHoriz speaks about value innovation, adaptive leadership and what’s needed to create real business agility.

  • Speed-to-Value is about doing the right things at the right time by doing less lower value work and more higher value work
  • Agile accounting is consistent with conservative accounting principles and allows greater capitalization of project costs faster than traditional waterfall methods
  • Agile requires significantly more discipiline than traditional methods, not less in that it requires active participation by business stakeholders.

Our Features

Agile Coaching
Management Transformational Agile Coaching and Education
Agile Career Framework
Planning and Creation of an Agile Career Framework for your organization which will increase employee productivity and retention
Agile Quality Focus
Planning for Quality within an Agile end-to-end value construct will focus your organization from top to bottom