Agile Mind-Set
We orient managers to the Agile mind-set
Agile Implementation Planning
Tailored Agile Implementat to your organization.
Agile Sustainability
Implementation of feed-back loops that are customized to your organization.


We plan and implement value models for organizations of all sizes. We establish end-to-end value-driven orientation and processes that increase efficiency and teamwork
Helping organizations establish a common value language and common value measurements is a key competitive advantage. We also closely link quality with value, done in an end-to-end manner.

Optimization Services

We help organizations optmize business services via Agile transformation. This includes agile strategic and tactical planning, implementation and review.

We provide custom agile frameworks specifically tailored to your organization that include: making value visible, linking value to quality, establishing a common agile language, identifying value measurements, feedback loop design and implementation, team-based agile orientation coaching, agile accounting and agile career framework planning and implementation.

Services Overview

  • Agile Planning

    We emphasize agile end-to-end value and help you plan to achieve it.

  • Agile Mind-Set Coaching

    We help your people think and act in a agile manner, all the time.

  • Agile Accounting

    We help Finance and Accounting set up agile controls, data capture and reporting.

  • Agile Career Path

    We help HR departments set up agile career paths for all employees at all levels.

  • Agile Sustainability

    We help organizations set up flexibile feed-back loops that show how healthy the agile implementation is.