The Best Solutions Available for Agile Executives

  • Agile Accounting

    We will show you how to increase software capitalization by implementing light weight Agile Accounting procedures closely coupled with production. We emphasize proven compliance methods with Software Accounting for internal use SOP 98-1 and asc 350-40 internal use software

  • Value Driven Development

    We help you define and implement end to end value identification and focus throughout your organization. We do this by implementing customized value frameworks that identify and quantify value at all organizational levels. We will help you make value visibile throughout your organization, allowing you to focus on what is most important and timely to your customers.

  • Agile Executive Coaching

    We provide customized Agile Executive coaching that orients executives to the Agile Mindset. We help executives understand what being agile means to their organization and how agility provide competitive benefits at all levels of your organization.

  • Agile Continuous Quality

    We will help your organization implement a customized Agile Quality framework that emphasizes quality definition and quality feedback loops. We treat Agile Quality as a dynamic process that is tightly coupled with Agile Value Driven Development. We will help you establish Agile Quality definitions, implementation and feedback loops throughout your organization enabling you to quickly respond to rapidly changing market conditions.

  • Agile Management Mindset Training

    We can help employees at any level of your organization achieve an Agile Mindset. We do not treat Agility as being restricted to a specifc framework. Insted, we train people to think in an agile manner which empowers people to accomplish what they need to accomplish more effectively.

  • Lean Agile Training

    If your organization requires Lean Agile, we can customize training for all levels of your organization. We emphasize continuous delivery and continuous improvement driven by value. We will help you define value and build input queues coupled to value.